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Liberty's Mediterranean Giant Grinders

Liberty's Mediterranean Giant Grinders

If you’re in Springfield Massachusetts or the surrounding area and love giant grinders, or Mediterranean food, we’re excited to announce the grand opening of Liberty’s Mediterranean Giant Grinders. After managing a successful family Italian restaurant for over 20 years, we’re ready to take on a new adventure serving our community with a contemporary fusion of American and Mediterranean comfort food, including giant grinders. We serve the best grinders in Springfield, MA, and would love to have you come by and give us a try!

What is a giant grinder?

A giant grinder is a large, long, sandwich similar to a sub sandwich, but bigger and with more contents.

If you’ve never heard of a giant grinder, you probably have heard of the other names for similar sandwiches like subs, hoagies, or po’ boys. Grinder is a regional name for these sandwiches that is really only used in New England.

The History of Grinders

If you live in New England (more specifically Massachusetts and Connecticut), you’re more likely to have come across grinders than if you are from another part of the country. Though “sub” sandwiches have started to become a more popular term for these sandwiches, “grinders'' originated in New England.

After looking into local history, it’s tough to find a definitive history of grinders and where the name or concept came from. However, there are two main theories as to the origin of the grinder. Some people claim that grinders sandwiches were named for the Italian-American slang term “grinders” for dockworkers because they were often found sanding and grinding rusted hulls for repainting. This theory of where the name “grinders” came from really ties into the nautical roots of New England, which we love!

Though the theory above is a nice tie into New England’s nautical roots, the more popular origin story is about the actual sandwich and how loaded it is with meat, cheese, and any other toppings you love. Since these giant grinders sandwiches were known for their thick Italian bread with piles of fixings, they are harder to chew through. This is why the nickname “grinder” popped up because it describes what your teeth had to do to get through a bite of the thick sandwich.

Throughout the history of grinders, it’s said that the name has been niched down to represent a hot sandwich, while subs took on the name of cold sandwiches. However, it’s really now just a loosely accepted, regional term for a long sandwich stuffed with fixings. Are you getting hungry, yet?

Liberty’s Mediterranean Twist on Giant Grinders

Nothing beats an all American giant grinder, so big you can barely take a bite and stuffed with all of your favorite fixings. Our new restaurant, Liberty’s Mederreanian Giant Grinders in Springfield, MA proudly provides a decadent fusion between the all American giant grinder and Mediterranean comfort food.

To add that extra bit of American nostalgia, when you order at Liberty’s Mediterranean Giant Grinders you’ll also get a bazooka gum with your purchase. It’s just an extra touch to add a smile to your face as you reminisce while reading the comics or to be able to share that little piece of American culture with the younger generations in your family. If you’re looking for grinders in Springfield MA make sure you stop by Liberty’s Mediterranean Giant Grinders to grab some amazing food. We are here for the community and ready to serve you and your family.